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Paternity and Identity Testing

Genetics Center offers a variety of paternity/identity testing options to fit your needs with high accuracy, high quality (performed at our CLIA certified and CAP accredited laboratory), ease of specimen collection, and reasonable cost. This testing is DNA-based and can exclude an alleged father with 100% certainty or include an alleged father with greater than 99.9% accuracy.

Paternity Testing Options

NEW Home Test Kit: Genetics Center now offers a quick and painless cheek cell collection method, called a buccal swab. The swab is used to obtain buccal (cheek) cells from which DNA can be extracted. To collect the cells, the swab is gently rubbed on the inner cheek inside the mouth. Buccal cells should be collected from the child, the alleged father, and the mother for the most accurate results. Cheek swabs are non-invasive and can be performed in office or from the convenience of your own home.

Legal Paternity Testing (not available for Home Test Kit): Genetics Center offers a legal paternity testing option with the required chain of custody documentation for evidence in a court of law.

Prenatal (prior to birth) or Postnatal (after birth): Paternity testing can also be performed prenatally using direct DNA extraction from amniotic fluid or using cultured amniotic cells or chorionic villi.

Sample Collection via Buccal Cheek Swab or Blood Sample: Testing can be performed on quick and painless cheek swabs or also performed on blood samples from the mother, child, and alleged father. All specimen types provide the same degree of accuracy.

We Also Offer

  • Identity Testing
  • Maternity Testing (such as for IVF verification)
  • Twin Zygosity Testing
  • A full range of other genetic tests listed on our website

Need More Information?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above testing, or if you wish to schedule a buccal (cheek) swab, blood draw, or to order a home test kit, please contact us.

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